S E N D  A  W O R D,  B E A R  F A T H E R, 2010

August 8 – 14, 2010, Sinop, Turkey
video projection, lambda prints

The project consists of a temporary extended static performance that involves living bodies – tableau vivant: Local citizens of different ages, who form sibling pairs defined by blood, a relation of the first degree (in this case, brother and sister), placed in different locations of the city and suburbs (places of great importance and places of everyday’s life).
Emotional dimensions and intimate relationships among blood relatives depend on the direct connections between them, enforcement and often helpless position.
Every physical change is emphasized through the exposure of potentially countless details relating to the context and environment, surrounding architecture, and the slightest change of the whole relations equilibrium.

video DVD, sound, color, 3’36”
various public locations, Sinop, Turkey