F I F T Y  D A Y S,  2010

performance/work in progress, installation, video projection
pencil, charcoal, pastel, colored ink, pantone on paper and acetate, iron elements, print variable dimensions

“This project is a work-in-progress concept that developed throughout the 50 opening days of the exhibition, and was only completed at its closing. It is an artistic intervention resulting from a long creative process that involves a set of tightly interconnected drawings.
For its intensity, complexity and temporal duration, the work can be said to be performative in nature, and it took shape and came to life by expanding into space like a site-specific installation.
The topic chosen at the beginning was abandoned, or better it was completely reabsorbed into a broader, less clear-cut vision that progressively grew upon itself – the idea of a series of not clearly identified floating aggregates of entities that move upon the sheet’s surface and upon the walls like flocks of birds, but could also allude to insect swarms of packs of animals seen from above, or even human crowds. They are formless configurations that contract or expand, multiplying and layering themselves in an almost chaotic fashion.”

Extract from text by Francesco Poli, 2010