O F  T H R E E  F R I E N D L Y  W A R N I N G S,  T H I S  I S  T H E  T H I R D  O N E,  2008

November 11, 2008 gallery Gagliardi Art System, Turin, Italy
installation, video installation
various materials
variable dimensions

“This complex work focuses first of all on the staging of a temporally extended performance involving eight people, who form four sibling pairs (brothers/sisters). It also involves the real-time projection of video recordings of their interaction. The second phase is a resulting, highly complex installation formed by video projections, lambda prints on aluminum, drawings and sculptures. All this strives to record, as well as visually and plastically shape, the primal life energy, the exciting emotional tensions and symbolic suggestions that acquire individual existential values – both intersubjective and collective – stemming not just from the performers’ actions, but also from the public’s reactions.”

Extract from catalogue Jelena Vasiljev, text by Francesco Poli, 2008

video DVD, sound, color, 4’01”
Gagliardi Art System gallery, Turin, Italy