I  T H O U G H T  I  W A S  A  W O L F, 2006

March 25, 2006 Villa Capriglio, Turin, Italy
installation, video installation
still, wood, meat, water, various materials, lambda prints, video projection
variable dimensions

“The performance, apparently a routine open-air cooking session – is staged in a peripheral and rather desolate area. We see the artist, dressed in her work overalls, in front of a huge pot, made of cut and welded iron sheets, which rests on a sort of iron-bar grid, a wood fire burning under it. In the pot where potatoes and vegetables are boiling the artist also boils strange organisms built with wood branches from different trees (laurel, apple, cherry, lime tree) cut and tied to each other with ropes and iron wires. They are sculptures with mobile articula­tions, deliberately rough, whose outer look is recognizably that of a wolf. The sculptures are wrapped in actual meat and, once cooked, are served to the surrounding peo­ple. By eating the meat, the spectators bring the sculptures to their original shape. The whole action unfolds as a ritual charged with mysterious symbolic meanings in a very evocative atmosphere.”

Extract from catalogue I thought I was a wolf, text by Francesco Poli, 2006

video DVD, sound, color, 4’04”
Villa Capriglio, Turin, Italy